How to Tile Checklist

With any new home renovation, there is a lot to remember.

This helpful list is great if you have a Bathroom, Laundry or Kitchen renovation as it outlines all of the tiles, accessories, bathroomware and adhesives you will need.

It’s a great idea to tick these off as they are selected in store.

View the Tiling Checklist Here! 

Things to remember when going through our checklist



Remember to ensure that your tiles meet the standard requirements and wear rating for wet areas i.e. slip-resistant, low-porous or water-resistant tiles.


Make sure your plumbing locations are marked out before tiling to minimise having to make any unnecessary cuts or tile removals.



Your tiles and tiling surface should be clean, dry and free from dust and debris. This will prevent moisture in the tile biscuit and ensure that your tile glue and grout adhere to both the surface and the tile.


Remember to measure your space when replacing existing accessories to ensure they fit properly.



Ensure that all splashbacks, feature walls and areas coming into contact with water or moisture, are waterproofed properly to protect your tiled surface and the tiles themselves from damage.

Adhesives & Tools


Ensure that the correct adhesives are used for your surface and environment. Our product packaging states which space they are suited for. 

Lift a tile every now and then as they are glued down to ensure that the tiles are fully adhering to the glue.

Your adhesive height should be no less than 3mm after the tile is compressed into the adhesive bed.


Check the adhesive height specifications for your space and ensure that the correct trowel size (mm.) is used to meet those requirements.

Ensure that the appropriate expansion joints are made and that they are not grouted over. This will allow for natural movement in the home and prevent tiles from