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Choosing a tiler can appear to be a daunting task. The quality and appearance of your tiled area depends on the skills and experience of the tiler. Making the right choice is key to avoiding costly mistakes and ongoing maintenance issues.

With so much to consider, we’ve put together some helpful information to help you make the right choice.

Questions to Ask

Your home design or renovation may require specific skills, so when you first make contact with a tiler ask them what areas they specialise in and enquire about their previous jobs. They may be able to let you view a completed project in person, or contact their previous clients to gain from their experience. Family and friends can also be a great source of information if they’ve had tiling done in their home.

Standards and Requirements

Professional tiling not only requires a level of skill and experience, they must also have a Builders license. Make sure that you cite the tiler’s qualifications, ensuring that their license is current and valid.

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A quote sets out in writing the work to be completed by the tiler and the exact costs per task. To avoid miscommunications and unforeseen issues, ensure that the quote is detailed, including everything the tiler will be undertaking, itemised pricing, and the date the job should be completed by.

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The tilers listed on this website have generally demonstrated an excellent record of service, skill and customer satisfaction. Please take note however, that Beaumont Tiles do not employ these Trades people and can not guarantee their work. We always recommend that you seek references from your tiler of previous satisfied clients or inspect a current project that is in progress and check that they have a current Builder License.