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My tiles have been laid, but they are wrong or damaged

At Beaumont Tiles, we are only human. Sometimes we can make a mistake and send the wrong tiles to site. Or, our carriers have been known to mix two jobs and send each to the site intended for the other order. It can be frustrating for our customers to receive an incorrect delivery, but we will always arrange the correct delivery as soon as possible. Actually, considering the hundreds of thousands of deliveries that we make each year, our track record is something of which we are justifiably proud. But, things can go wrong.

When an order is delivered, it needs to be checked by the builder, tiler, or homeowner before the tiles are installed. This is standard practice, otherwise the wrong tiles can end up being installed. Our deliveries are always accompanied with paperwork and sometimes even sketches specifying how and where the tiles are to be laid.

Also, when tiles are being laid, it is standard practice for the tiler to check the tiles for damage and faults. Sometimes breakages can happen in transit. Otherwise, imperfect tiles may end up in the installation, and no-one wants that.

damaged tiles that have been laid

What can cause the problem?

• Tiles can become damaged in transit, or at the factory and sometimes this damage is not obvious if the packaging is still intact. It is standard practice for tiles to be checked as they are laid.
• Sometimes, human error intervenes, and the wrong tile is packed and shipped to site. Naturally we try hard to minimise errors, but from time to time an incorrect delivery can happen.

The builder, tiler or homeowner must always check a delivery on site before installation commences. Otherwise, the wrong tiles may end up being installed. Naturally, Beaumont Tiles can't be held responsible once the tiles have been installed.

So what can I do now?

As long as the tiles haven't been laid, call the Beaumont Tiles branch from which you purchased the tiles, and we will arrange to exchange the delivery for the correct tiles.

If your installer has installed blemished, damaged, or the incorrect tiles; there is not much we can do. The tiler must assume responsibility for installing the wrong or imperfect tiles.