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My tiles are warped

Due to the process of firing a natural product like a ceramic tile, it is expected that not every tile is going to be absolutely perfect. Warping of the tile itself is one of the more common issues in manufacturing.

This is why there is an International Standard set down to specify the acceptable tolerances for warping in tiles.

If a delivery includes tiles that seem to be warped, your tiler would generally elect not to lay these ones.

warped tiles

What can cause the problem?

Any warping in a ceramic tile will happen in the factory during manufacture. It is important to realise that a certain amount of warping across a tile is acceptable under the standards. The calculation for acceptable warpage is related to the size of the tile and the degree of warp across the length of the tile.

Although all Beaumont Tiles are graded within the set tolerances, sometimes poorly graded tiles can slip through and be packed as first grade.

So what can I do now?

If there is any concern regarding your tiles, contact the Beaumont Tiles branch from which you purchased them.

If the tiles fall outside the standards, we will replace them or credit them, if you prefer.

Excessively warped tiles should never be installed on site. If they need to be removed and reinstalled, the tiler would be expected to do this at no charge. If there is any doubt about a tile, it should not be installed.