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My tiles seem to have blisters on the surface

Blisters on the surface of a tile are a tile fault that will be obvious before laying them commences.

blisters on the surface are a tile fault that will be obvious before laying them commences

What can cause the problem?

As explained in a previous Tile Doctor fact sheet, faulty tiles can sometimes slip through the sorting and grading process in a factory.

So what can I do now?

Do not use the tiles. Call Beaumont Tiles, and we will gladly exchange them without fuss.

It helps if you can check the side of the box for the printed batch number so we can supply tiles that match the shade of your other tiles. We will also do a thorough check of our stocks from that batch to remove any others that may have slipped through on that days manufacture.

What if the tiler has already laid the tiles?

Unfortunately, no claim can be made once the tiles have been laid.

Generally, Beaumont Tiles can offer to supply tiles to replace the faulty ones, but we won't cover the costs to remove and lay these tiles. They should not have been laid in the first place.

Your tiler knows not to lay faulty tiles, especially tiles with a clearly visible imperfection. Logic would question why a tiler would lay an unsatisfactory tile.