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The patterns on my frieze tiles don't line up

Imperfect frieze tiles, borders and patterns sometimes slip through the sorting and grading process in the factory. These tiles are not intended to leave the factory, but it has been known for a few imperfect tiles to slip through. Somehow, the pattern is not straight or complete, or the colours are wrong.

During tiling, if there are some fault pattern tiles, the tiler will not install them, but will put them aside.

Be mindful of hand made tiles and those décor tiles that actually intended not to match each other in a border, or to have a definite colour variation from tile to tile. Especially in the Provincial, Rustic, Mexican, and Santa Fe styles. With these tiles, the variation is part of the charm and attraction for the series.

patterns on frieze tiles don't line up

What can cause the problem?

Production of modern friezes, borders, and patterns can be quite an involved process. When we think of the thousands of different decorator tiles from which to choose, and the variation in the finishes on offer, it is easy to see how something can go wrong every now and then. Causes could include:

• A flaw in the screen print
• An error in the application of glass before firing
• Even the temperature of the kiln can cause and imperfect décor tile.

As always, the tiler is applying a finish to a floor or wall that will last a long time. The tiler will know not to install faulty, unacceptable or visually imperfect tiles.

So what can I do now?

If the tiles have not been installed, just take them back to the Beaumont Tiles branch from which you purchased them and we will swap over the stock. Alternatively, we will credit them if you prefer.

If the tiles have been installed we will resupply you with replacements for the affected tiles. Your tiler will need to remove the faulty tiles and install the new ones. Visually imperfect tiles should never be installed unless specifically requested by the owner.