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The metal finish on my décor tiles is tarnished or wearing off

Gold, silver, and other metal finishes are quite common on tiles and they can look really effective, especially in a bathroom.

While it is generally accepted that tiles are a very durable and long lasting surface, metallic finishes are not protected by a glazed surface and therefore can become damaged.

Gold is a very soft metal, and when applied onto a tile surface, it can be easily damaged by abrasives and harsh cleaners. Silver is also a soft metal.

Many other finishes are more durable, but still susceptible to damage or wearing off when attacked by harsh cleaners.

Treat these tiles correctly, however, and there will be no problems.

significant wear and damage on metal finish tiles

What can cause the problem?

• Soft metals, especially gold and silver, are easily scratched and worn.
• During installation, these plated finishes need to be protected with tape, especially when grouting the tiles. Grout contains sand, which can be quite abrasive.
• Harsh scourers, abrasive cremes and powders, and strong chemical cleaners can wreak havoc on metallic finishes. Besides this, they are totally unnecessary to clean tiles. Warm water and a drop or two of disinfectant is generally all that is needed to clean tiles; and this also applies to these more delicate décor tiles. Then wipe over with a soft cloth. Remember always, that just as with tapware and other household items that are plated with these types of metals, the surface is not guaranteed after installation.

So what can I do now?

Once the tiles are installed, if the plating is damaged or wears off, there are only two choices available.

• Accept that over time the surface will eventually wear off.
• Replace the tiles and avoid all harsh or abrasive cleaners and chemicals.

Neither the factory, nor Beaumont Tiles will entertain a claim against worn metallic surfaces on tiles.