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My tiles seem to have small cracks on the edges

During manufacture, sometimes a fault can occur that cause what appears to be a crack in the glaze. This is called a firing crack.

Generally, these tiles are removed during sorting and grading before they are packed.

If a few were to slip through the process, they are not to be installed. The unmarked area of the tile is sound and quite suitable for using as a cut tile, but the damaged glaze makes it unsuitable for a whole tile to be laid.

small cracks on the edge of tile

What can cause the problem?

• Tiles with a firing crack are not to be laid whole on an installation. This is a manufacturing fault and the tile has slipped through the sorting process in the factory.
• A tiler should put any tile with a visible fault like this to one side and use it for a cut tile when needed.
• These tiles will be exchanged or credited by the Beaumont Tiles branch where they were purchased, no questions asked.

So what can I do now?

If a few imperfect tiles have been laid, especially with firing cracks, they should be replaced by the tiler before the job is finished.

If the tiles have not been laid, call the Beaumont Tiles branch where you purchased the tiles and they will arrange to exchange or credit the tiles for you.