We want your tiles to look good for many years. Our Tile Doctor has put together a host of fixes for any problems you may have. Be sure to check out our comprehensive How To Tile DIY Guide, Golden Rules and Kyal and Kara’s videos before you start.

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Stained and Dirty Tiles

My Tiles Are Always Dirty. I Can't Keep Them Clean for More Than One Day.

My Porcelain Tiles Are Stained.

My Unglazed Tiles Have Developed a White Stain on the Surface.

The Terracotta Tiles Around My Pool Are Stained.

Tile Appearance

My Tiles Are Darker in the Shower Than in the Rest of the Room.

My Tiles Are Changing to a Darker Shade.

My Tiles Are Fading.

My Tiles Have Defects in the Surface.

My Tiles Have Blisters on the Surface.

Strength & Durability

My Tiles Are Scratched.

My Tiles Are Chipped.

My Tiles Are Wearing Out.

My Tiles Are Chipping in the Corners.

My Tiles Have Small Cracks on the Edges.

There Are Cracks Running Across My Tiled Floor.

Glaze & Grout

My Wall Tiles Have Hairline Cracks in the Glaze.

The Glaze on The Edge of My Tiles is Missing.

The Glaze on My Tiles is Flaking Off.

My Grout Has Gone Crumbly and Soft.

My Grout Has Gone Dark or Blank.

My Grout Has Changed Colour. It is Going White.

Tile Laying and Installation

My Tiles Have Been Laid But They Are Wrong or Damaged.

My Shower is Leaking Through the Tiles.

My Wall Tiles Sound Hollow and Drummy, and Are About to Fall Off the Wall.

My Floor Tiles Are Loose or Sound Drummy.

My Floor Tiles Are Buckling or Have Popped Up.

The Edges & Joints of My Tiles Are Uneven.

Batch Variation & Variation in Natural Products

My Tiles Seem to Be Different to the Ones I Selected.

Some of My Tiles Are the Wrong Colour.

My Tiles Are Different Sizes.

Some of My Tiles Are Thicker Than the Others.

My Tiles Are Not Square.

Decorator Tiles

My Frieze Tiles Do Not Match the Plain Tiles.

The Patterns On My Frieze Tiles Don't Line Up.

The Metal Finish on My Décor Tiles is Tarnished or is Wearing Off.

Other Issues

My Tiles Are Warped.

My Polished Porcelain Floor Doesn't Seem to Have an Even Shine.

My Tiles are Flooded