How to tile DIY guide


Below is a list of all the tools you will need for a complete home DIY tiling job, from preparing the walls or floor right through to cleaning the tiles when the job is finished. The list might look a little daunting, but many of the tools will already be in your shed or tool box (or those of a friendly neighbour!). There are a few specialist tools you might need to buy and borrow, and a couple of others that are available for daily hire from your local Beaumont Tiles.

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• Bucket
• Clean rags
• Sponge
• Spirit level
• Paint brush
• Tape measure
• Pencil
• Tile Levelling Support (optional: if tiling walls. Sometimes referred to as a "tile jack")
• Tile cutter (available for hire from Beaumont Tiles)
• Adhesive mixer (optional)
• Tile nippers
• Knee pads (optional... but they will save your knees!)
• Cross spacers
• 6mm notched trowel for wall tiles
• 10mm notched trowel for floor tiles
• A small trowel (called a gauging trowel)
• A grout float (or a handyman grouter)
• Angle grinder and diamond cutting blade (optional)
• Battery drill or electric drill (optional)
• Drill bit

TIP: Some other tools that you may find handy are:

• A carborundum block is useful for smoothing down cut edges
• A home-made plumb bob for wall tiling (a piece of string with a heavy washer on the bottom will do)
• Some pieces of straight timber to provide a base for wall tiling, and to use as a measuring rod
• Plenty of string