How to tile DIY guide

Choosing Adhesives & Grout

When you start a DIY tiling job, you will naturally want the best tiles, but it is equally as important to choose the right adhesives and grout for the job as well.


There are three main things to take into consideration when choosing your adhesive:

• What kind of surface are you tiling?
• What are your tiles made of, and how large are they?
• What kind of area are you tiling? This could include things like wet areas, outdoors, or carports.

These are all important questions to know the answers to when speaking to your Beaumont Tiles consultant or when buying your adhesives.

When we are called out to see a problem job, it is almost inevitably a laying problem, and the most common is due to the use of the wrong adhesive.

Some clients bring this upon themselves in a way, because they insist on the cheapest quote and then complain when a tiler uses the cheapest adhesive. Our advice is to use the best adhesive you can. It is only a small cost in the entire job, but it could make or break it. The staff at Beaumont Tiles are happy to advise on adhesive, regardless of whether we supplied the tiles.

There are many brands of adhesives available and each brand produces several different adhesives. Mostly these are for specific types of tiles onto specific surfaces or substrates. Check our catalogue or with your local Beaumont Tiles store. They will advise on the best adhesive to use.

We guarantee the performance of the tiling systems we recommend and supply. In fact, when tiles bought at Beaumont Tiles are laid with ABA Adhesives bought at Beaumont Tiles, the whole system is covered by our exclusive 15 Year System Guarantee. The simple guide is to select the best tiles and the best adhesives for the job. The cheapest may not be suitable for your job.


When it comes to grout, always choose a flexible mould resistant grout like ABA Flexgrout. This is available in a wide range of colours to match, contrast, or complement any tile.

When very wide grout joints are called for in uneven terracotta, slate, or quarried tiles; always insist on using a suitable sanded grout and additives to enhance the flexibility of the grout. We recommend ABA Quarry Grout mixed with ABA Flexible Grout Additive.

For special industrial areas, Beaumont Tiles can help with the right epoxy grout for the job.