With breathtaking beauty, and remarkable practicality, slab tiles have opened up doors to new design innovations we have only imagined. These sizable and aesthetically beautiful tiles offer maximum visual impact and a slender profile, and can be used to create beautiful ceramic skins for exteriors and interiors. Slab tiles are not like normal ceramic or porcelain tiles due to their size, and require very specific handling and installation techniques. In addition, there are specific adhesives and tools that need to be used to move, carry, cut and fix slab tiles.

Detailed installation and handling instructions are covered in this PDF guide.^

^Beaumont Tiles and The Beaumont Studio will not be held liable for any claims where the instructions in this guide have not strictly been followed and where the Australian Standards have not been complied with.

They are ideal for surfaces requiring a precise finish. The slim lines and mechanical strength make them perfect for decorative feature walls, a streamlined look for floors, a timeless facade, and even a porcelain veneer for furniture. Slab tiles are seamless for cladding kitchen counter tops, islands or bathrooms. They also save time in renovation projects with the ability to tile over existing floors.

To view our slab tiles at 1000x3000mm click here!