Marketing and Advertising

Taking Beaumont’s directly to customers.

You’re bound to have seen some of marketing – it’s fun, vibrant, and industry leading. We invest heavily in TV – for example we partner with hit TV renovation shows like The Block and their stars to showcase our amazing tiles and bathroomware. And we support that with radio, press, magazines, direct mail and a number of other initiatives. To ‘activate’ our customer our efforts are often ‘offer-based promotions’ (backed up by strategically placed corporate messages).

Merchandising support is outstanding across our entire network with all our brochures, ticketing, and promotional material produced exclusively for us. We give our franchisees comprehensive ‘how to’ marketing guides for campaigns so they can capitalize on local opportunities, and we support specific local needs.

The group fund is administered and audited from a separate and dedicated marketing account.

We want customers (and our franchisees) to love Beaumont’s – to recommend us and come back - so we’re very transparent in everything we do.