Security, independence, satisfaction, and a bright future

We want you to build a profitable business and have your business grow in capital value. That’s really important for when you decide to move on or pass it to others in your family.

You can opt to own and manage an outlet as a hands on business or run it at arms-length as an investment.

Our business model is a proven success. Here’s some reasons why:

• Our brand is strong and iconic and our Business Systems are comprehensive
• Our vibrant Marketing and Advertising is proven and utilises a range of customer relevant strategies with strong in-store promotion
• Our product range is enormous and diverse and we our group buying power gets absolute best rates
• Our Central Warehouse and Distribution centres (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane) get product to customers fast and mean that stores carry minimal stock
• Our custom IT Systems ensure ‘live’ access to stock and all product details and information
• And we provide accounting and management support.

The role you play is import too

Hard work, dedication and commitment are absolute requirements to do well. Helping customers realise their dreams (as well as your own) is a must. We partner with those who are genuinely nice, friendly, helpful and enjoy life. If we can achieve a good balance between family and work, have some fun, grow the business and ensure every branch is profitable, we’ve achieved our goals.