Beaumonts: Who Are We

We’ll try to give a brief outline about us and what we offer on the following pages. But our unique culture can’t really be put into words. We are definitely not your usual, run of the mill tile distributors and retailers.

One thing that we are though, is excited about the next few years of our growth and expansion. We are keen to find the right people to join us.

Do you have what it takes?

If so, and you are interested in a future with Beaumont Tiles, and believe that together, we can both benefit, then please contact us.

But, joining the group isn’t a one way street. It is a partnership and we both need to be comfortable that we can work together, grow together and profit from that partnership.

Beaumont Tiles are Australia’s favourite place for tiles and bathroomware

We also happen to think that ceramic tiles are pretty cool.

Like leaders in any field, we didn’t get to the number 1 spot overnight. We have been perfecting what we do since 1960. Yes, that over 56 years of learning, improving, testing, working hard and growing. Today, we are Australia’s largest tile group. We supply more tiles to Australian homes and builders than any other tile retailer.

But, we are definitely not an ‘average’, ‘corporate’, ‘franchised’ business. We are proudly unique in what we do and how we do it. Being ‘different’ doesn’t mean that we do weird things. It simply means that we have held firmly to certain principles. We are still family owned and managed. We believe in honesty and integrity. We value our staff and we believe in a fair go for all.

Sounds a little like spin. But talk to any of our staff, Franchise Partners or suppliers and they’ll all tell you that we are unique, and a pleasure to be part of, or to deal with. Well, the suppliers will tell you that we are tough and demanding, but that they still love us. Many of our staff have been with us for 20, 25 and 30 years. We have Franchise Partners who came on board 25 years ago and are still with us. We have suppliers that have partnered with us for 30 years and longer. Why? Simply because we are not in the business of using and abusing people, or our partners.

Thinking of joining the Beaumont family, here's what you need to know.


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Today, the Beaumont group of shops totals over 113 outlets in SA, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. These outlets are serviced by key distribution warehousing in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Of these 110 plus outlets, around one third are company owned and managed (we call them corporate) and the rest are Franchise Partners. This certainly makes for a unique situation. There is no, ‘us’ and ‘them’ at Beaumonts because whatever we do is for the benefit of all. We all share the same systems, product, price structure, infrastructure and marketing.

The way that we operate is totally transparent. Everyone has input, and every branch is a profit centre with valued, and welcome input. It is a team effort that works for the benefit of all. As a group, we employ around 800 staff (company and Franchise Partners) and each and every person is valued for their contribution and input.

At the end of the day though, we are driven to grow, profit and prosper. It is just that this will never be at the expense of our staff or Franchise Partners.

Contact our Franchise Business Development Manager here if you would like to learn more about franchising with Beaumont Tiles.