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Some of the tiles on my wall or floor are the wrong colour

Each batch of tiles that are produced tend to be a different shade or size to the ones that were last made. The final kiln temperature, slight changes in glaze mix, and dozens of other variables can affect the final tile appearance and size. This is referred to as 'tonality' (shade or colour) and 'calibration' (size).

This variation is an inherent characteristic of ceramic tiles because they are made from natural clays and silicas that react differently to the manufacture and firing process.

All tiles are sorted in the factory and packed according to set tolerances for shade and size as well as being separated as 'first grade, or 'seconds,' or 'commercial' quality.

So, it is important to recognise firstly that several different batches of the same tile may vary quite dramatically. Enough, in fact, that if they are mixed in one room they can look like chalk and cheese. This is also the case with carpet, fabric, and timber and is something that we all need to be aware of in order to avoid any issues.

colour shift in laid tiles

What can cause the problem?

Sometimes, things can go wrong in the factory, in the warehouse, or tiles may even get mixed on the truck in the final delivery to site. If you have a mixed delivery of shades, it is important to let us know before they get laid. Then, we have a chance to re-deliver the correct tiles.

• Two batches may have accidentally been delivered to site.
• Two batches may have been mixed when packed onto the pallet in the factory.

But, a mix up of shades can also happen if the tiles were purchases at separate times, or branches, and the salesperson wasn't told of a previous purchase. If we know that you have purchased some tiles already, we can highlight this to the warehouse to check for the right batch at delivery time. All we need is the batch number, shade (tono), and size (calibration) and we can try to match them and avoid the possible problem.

Ultimately, it is important to check the tiles for size and colour before they are laid. Then, we also recommend that tiles are mixed from different boxes as they are laid. Tiles that have obvious variations in shade should never be laid.

So what can I do now?

If the tiles have not been installed, contact the Beaumont Tiles branch you purchased from and we will arrange to replace the mismatched batch, or resupply the full order with one matching shade. It is important to arrange this as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. Our tile range is changing constantly as we keep abreast of the latest on offer and your selection may not be available in stock for replacement.

If you are in the unfortunate situation where the tiles from two or more batches have been laid, then there are only two choices. Accept the project as laid, or arrange for the tiler to replace the tiles that do not match. Generally, we will offer to supply tiles to replace the mismatched stock at no charge. But naturally, we can't be held responsible for them being laid when they do not match.