How to Tile DIY Guide

How to Pave Outdoors

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Clean & Prepare for Outdoor Tiling

Natural stone is generally thicker and heavier than ceramic or porcelain tiles, and there are more elements to contend with outdoors, but with this information sheet we'll show you how to easily prepare for tiling outdoors with natural stone.

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Laying Natural Stone

We recommend using professional installers for our stone products; but the careful and thorough do-it-yourselfer can also achieve a professional-looking finish. This guide has everything you need to begin your own tiling project with natural stone.

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Sealing Natural Stone

We insist that all natural stone must be sealed to protect and extend the life of the stone. Sealing your stone gives it the absolute best protection against stains and dirts, and makes cleaning so much easier. Using a roller or spray pack, sealing stone is quite easy.

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Looking After Natural Stone

Once sealed, natural stone is extremely easy to keep clean. The cleaning method will vary depending on where the stone is used, but each of the methods in this guide are straight forward and quick to complete.

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